STERIS is a global leader in infection prevention, contamination control, and surgical and critical care technologies. As part of the STERIS family, STERIS Laboratories has access to the resources and expertise available from three unique business segments that no other lab can offer.

Applied Sterilization Technologies

Working in coordination with the STERIS Applied Sterilization Technologies TechTeam®, STERIS Laboratories provides technical support in all phases of the sterilization design process, including product development, materials testing, protocol generation and sterilization validation per ISO11137 and ISO11135. As part of the STERIS AST global network of over 50 sterilization and laboratory facilities, we provide our Customers with a seamless transition from product development to laboratory testing and validation to routine sterilization. Our position within this network of facilities provides the team at STERIS Laboratories with expert knowledge of the processing equipment and capabilities available at all STERIS AST locations.

Life Sciences

As part of the STERIS family, STERIS Laboratories has access to a team of global experts in the areas of cleaning and disinfection chemistries commonly used in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries. STERIS Laboratories, along with the STERIS Technical Services group, has decades of experience consulting with Customers, developing robust disinfectant efficacy testing protocols and implementing real-world procedures for effective use of disinfectants and sporicides. STERIS Laboratories also serves as a distributer of sterility assurance products, such as biological and chemical indicators, manufactured by STERIS Life Sciences.


The Healthcare business segment manufactures cleaning chemistries, sterile processing equipment and surgical equipment used in patient care facilities. Our presence in the healthcare setting provides an acute understanding of regulatory requirements, the life cycle of reusable medical devices and how they are used and handled throughout these facilities, from the central services department to the operating room. In addition, the STERIS sterile processing equipment used in healthcare facilities is available to our STERIS Laboratories in Minnesota, USA to enable effective and applicable reusable device validations.