STERIS Laboratories continues to progress with the implementation of the Labware LIMS system into our global network.

This leading LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) product is being deployed to improve the Customer experience with faster reporting and better tracking visibility, to ensure compliance, and to improve internal efficiencies.

Our analytical laboratory in Utrecht, Netherlands was the first site to go live with LIMS in April 2018 and we are moving the final few Customers and products onto the system.

The development of the solution to support microbiological testing is progressing and we expect to see the first of these sites going live before the end of 2018.

Contact will be made locally with Customers regarding timelines and changes to reporting formats based on the new system.

Once LIMS has been rolled out to all laboratories, the STERIS Labs team will start working on continuous improvement of the system so it will continue to evolve and improve the experience of our Customers over the coming years.