Technical Resources

View our reference materials relating to a variety of validation, laboratory testing and sterilization topics.

  • Reprocessing: The Top 7 Considerations in Reusable Device Design

    This article will review the top seven items to consider from a reprocessing point of view in the design and commercialization of reusable instrumentation.

  • The Basics of Medical Device Packaging

    When developing a sterile barrier system for medical devices, there are several aspects that need to be considered in choosing packaging and qualifying your sterile barrier system (SBS)

  • Storage, Use and Shipping of Surface Contact (RODAC) Testing Plates

    Proper storage, method of application and shipping of environmental monitoring (RODAC) plates for surface testing can help ensure the accuracy and precision of microbiological results. This TechTip describes the best practices for the handling of RODAC plates

  • Laboratory Testing of Human Tissue

    Laboratory testing of human tissue requires special consideration to ensure safe product handling and accurate results. This TechTip addresses those considerations that should be addressed by both the donor organization and the test laboratory.

Irradiation and Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Resources

  • Irradiation Resources
    Discover how the irradiation process works and learn more about specific issues, such as dose mapping, sterility assurance levels, and quarterly dose audits.
  • Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Resources
    Learn about the anatomy of the ethylene oxide sterilization process and find more details on topics such as parametric release and performance qualification.